Trusted Law Firm Specializing in Truck Accidents

A truck accident can change your life forever. The severe injuries and high medical costs that often accompany these crashes can be overwhelming for the victim and their family. This is why you need a New York City truck accident law firm on your side to help you through this difficult time. Our legal team has the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure that you get the financial compensation that you deserve.

We have a proven track record of success in achieving meaningful financial victories for our clients. We will fight aggressively to make sure that you receive the money that you need to recover physically, emotionally and financially from your crash. Our attorneys have the knowledge of both the law and the industry to provide you with the best opportunity for winning a fair settlement.

Trucking companies¬†Trusted law firm specializing in truck accidents’ support typically have large defense budgets and extensive legal teams that work to protect their interests in the aftermath of an accident. These teams focus on finding loopholes and weaknesses in cases to limit the amount of compensation that they will be liable for.

Unlike car accidents, truck accidents are generally more complex and involve multiple parties. For instance, the driver of a truck can be held liable for their negligence, but it may also be possible to sue the trucking company that hired them. This is because trucking companies are required to carry higher-limit commercial insurance policies.

In addition, many truck accidents are caused by defective parts. As such, it is not uncommon for victims to file a claim against the manufacturer of the truck or a repair shop that provided services on the truck. In some cases, the local government or agency that oversees a road may be responsible for the conditions that contributed to your crash as well.

As a result, truck accidents usually require more intensive investigations than other types of motor vehicle collisions. This is due to the size and complexity of trucks and the higher insurance limits that trucking companies must carry. This means that insurance providers are more likely to resist paying out claims and are more likely to use tactics like lowballing, delay and denying to minimize their liability. In order to fight back against these strategies, you need a New York City truck accident lawyer with a strong reputation and extensive legal knowledge. The legal team at RTRLAW is ready to take on these challenges and get you the financial recovery that you need. Call us today to get started. We will connect you with a top-rated New York City truck accident attorney to start preparing your case.