What to Expect From a Piano Moving Service

Pianos are one of the most difficult items to move. They weigh a lot and are very fragile, making them easy to damage if not handled properly. A professional piano moving service can provide the man power and the expertise needed to transport a piano safely. They can also protect the piano from scratches and other damages that can be caused by rough handling.

When you hire a piano movers in North Richland Hills, they will come to your home and carefully prepare the instrument for transportation. This will include wrapping it in blankets that are designed to offer extra cushioning and protection. They may even use special tape that is designed to hold up to repeated uses and rough handling. The movers will then load the piano into their truck and transport it to your new home or business.

Once they arrive at your home, they will secure the piano to their truck using a strap system that keeps it from moving during transit. They will then place the piano on a doll that is also wrapped in protective blankets. Pianos can be a pain to move because they are so heavy and awkwardly shaped. The movers will use their years of experience to maneuver the piano safely into place and then secure it once more.

A piano mover will typically work on an hourly rate or a flat rate. Some companies will add an additional fee if they have to navigate difficult obstacles or require extra labor for specialty moves. This can include stairs or navigating around structural items like narrow turns or difficult angles. In some cases, pianos that have to be hoisted by a crane through upper story windows will also require extra labor and a specialty truck or forklift.

If you want to save money on your piano move, you may consider hiring a group of friends to help. However, this can be very dangerous for everyone involved if they are not experienced in moving these types of large, bulky items. Besides, there is a good chance that someone will get hurt during the move, which can lead to expensive repairs. Instead of risking the health and safety of your family, you should always leave this type of job to a professional piano moving company.

You can find a reputable piano mover by looking through a site like Shiply. This site allows you to review the feedback of previous customers and contact each mover directly to ask questions about their services. This will help you decide if they are the right fit for your move. You should also pay attention to the quality of their work by observing how carefully they handle your piano. This will include the way they protect it from scratches and other damage, as well as how quickly and efficiently they complete the job. You can also ask for a free estimate before hiring them to ensure you are not getting overcharged. The cost of a piano move can vary depending on the size, weight, moving distance, and the number of flights of stairs.